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Bitwarden: Password Manager Quick Start Guide

By Shad Loos 🔹

A password manager is an invaluable tool that generates secure passwords and stores them with easy access. You only need to know one password, known as the "master password", to access your secure password vault and easily auto-fill or copy-paste your details.

Bitwarden eliminates the need for memorization and reduces the risk of compromise—what more could you want for your password usage?

Using a password manager is essential for accessing business services and websites efficiently and easily.

In 2024, Bitwarden is one of the best password managers. There is a free version for personal use and a business plan for $4 a month per user.

This guide covers two ways to create a secure master password that you can actually remember and how to start using your password vault.

Password Manager Quick Start Guide

These 4 steps will get you started quickly using a password manager.

Step 1: Get started by registering an account with Bitwarden. Fill out your name and Email.

Step 2: The next step is the most important one. We will come up with your Master Password.

I want to share with you two effective techniques for recalling a secure password. Use either of them to secure your password manager and simplify your life dramatically.

The first method is to create a sentence.

Example: There's fish flying to the tree!!

The length of the password creates its complexity.

Randomly insert characters to increase its complexity.

Example: Th4ere's fish fly#ing to the trege!!

Use the idea of fish flying into a tree to help one remember in this case. Business Community - A picture to help you remember a potential password.

The second method is creating a passphrase with a series of random words.

Example: green freedom elephant dream home

I imagine a green elephant dreaming of being free from the circus.

This is a well-known comic going over this idea: Business Community - xkcd comic about password security

This is a good method but is not entirely foolproof and requires randomly inserting symbols:

 correct Hjorse bat&tery Staple

Randomly inserting characters increases the complexity of your password, while common substitutions, like swapping an E for a 3, will not help slow down a password cracker.

Keep these in mind when devising your master password:

  • Common Ideas: Don’t use character substitution or put punctuation in regular spots.

  • Length Matters: The longer the password, the more secure it is.

  • Randomness: Integrate spontaneous elements into your password creation.

  • No Personal Details: Predictable details like birthdates, names, or common phrases make password cracking easier.

  • Personal Touch: Construct a password linked to your unique experiences, yet concealed from prying eyes.

Now that you've created your master password, finish registering your Bitwarden account.

Step 3: Download and install: Bitwarden has desktop, mobile, and web browser apps that stay synced, making it easy to access your passwords from anywhere.

Log in with your newly created Bitwarden account and use your master password. This will now be the only time that you have to type a password; your passwords will be auto-generated and stored in an encrypted password vault to be auto-filled or copied into log-in fields.

Step 4: Create and save passwords  When logging in to a website, reset or change your old password to generate and save secure new passwords into Bitwarden.

Begin generating secure passwords for your logins by using the + sign. Busines Community - How to create a new password for a website in Bitwarden

Watch this video to learn the specifics of using and getting around in Bitwarden.

How Can Cove Help?

Cove members are encouraged to ask any questions about business software. In Cove, a private community for small business owners, you will find a wealth of shared experiences and valuable advice to guide you through these complex topics. There are similar learning opportunities to this password manager quick start guide available within the community.

About the Author

Shad Loos co-founded, an online community for small business owners, in 2023. Shad has experience creating online communities and managing technology infrastructure. Business Community - Bitwarden Password Manager Quick Start Guide


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