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Cove Math: Discover the Value of Collaborating With Small Business Owners

By Alexandra Loos, SPHR 🔹

➡️ Use our calculator to discover the value of collaborating with small business owners!


Here’s the backstory:

We planned to create blog posts for the Business Community about small businesses and the value of collaboration. As a small business owner who provides accounting, finance, and operations services, I lacked experience in copywriting. That's why I:

  • Tracked the time it took me to draft a post,

  • Asked experienced copywriters to provide quotes for drafting blog posts,

  • Tracked my time spent collaborating with copywriters, reviewing and publishing the content,

  • Calculated that collaborating with copywriters took less time than drafting posts alone,

  • Realized that by freeing up some of my bandwidth, I could bill more hours to my clients,

  • Estimated that my revenue would increase by thousands of dollars quarterly.


🔸Collaborating with copywriters has made writing marketing content a more enjoyable experience! 🔸

Curious about the value of collaborating with small business owners?

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➡️ You’ll gain access to our private online ecosystem, which will provide you with opportunities for collaborating, networking, learning, and marketing with other small business owners like yourself.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Cove!

About the Author

Alexandra Loos co-founded, an online community for small business owners, in 2023. She holds a certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). She owns Scalable Business Hub and provides virtual accounting and business solutions to small businesses and startups. Business Community - Cove critter says, "I did the math... collaboration creates value!"


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